Hopeful Songs

01 Better Than a Hallelujah

04 Unafraid

Sometimes a song can help add a skip in our step, a smile to our face and joy to our hearts..

Here are a few songs of hope.. the first one a memory of my childhood I plan on sharing with my grandchildren.

The others sometimes just give me the encouragement and lift I need..how about you?

05 Psalm 91

03 The Motions

01 With Every Breath

3-14 High Hopes

07 Our Hope Endures

02 Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)

The band bringing hope to Yahweh Center Children's Village

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One thought on “Hopeful Songs

  1. I found your site this morning. It brought back the memories of getting the news of my DAD’s serious illness and to hurry to Ohio to be with him before he passed on. Before I got there from NY his neice and my sweet cousin lead him to the Lord. Something we prayed for for years. Thanks for helping me to remember he is in heaven.

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