Sharing about me

Hello~ I am a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ, a wife for 33

Together in Israel in Jerusalem in 2010

years to Tony an amazing man, mother of Olivia & Reed collected a son in law, Will and daughter in law, Erica . Gram to Eila and Asher also soon to a new little one via Reed and Erica to be called Lily.

   I am Founder and Executive Director of the Yahweh Center Children’s Village.  at 5000 Lamb’s Path Way
Lover of flowers, dogs, and a prolific reader, love seeing God’s big sky full of stars ( despise street lights ) Passionate to stand for Israel and the protection and salvation of the Jewish people with Yeshua the Messiah. I am a prayer warrior and am learning it is only knowing our Lord in a deeper way that will keep us in these days…
A farmer’s daughter who is learning daily how to really sow seeds that count…

My dog Quigley at home ..

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