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His Sheep Know His Voice.. Rememberances and Connections

Oh boy, it has been awhile since I have been led to write again on this blog. I told you all that when I got back to it in January of this year, the Israel trip was jelling to be shared. However, the prophetic events unfolding so fast… truly had me just trying to listen, hear and make sure that I was hearing Him… Yeshua ( I must admit it is hard for me to refer to Him as Jesus now ) but will likely go back and forth on that.  In these days it is critically important that we hear HIM and maybe for many of us that is just it how do you know? These are simply my experiences and I am not so holy, far from it but definitely disparate for our Messiah and the intimacy of a deep relationship.

A few months ago I was sound asleep, a deep sleep when suddenly I heard my name being called. ” Carla ” a familiar voice said to me.  So gentle but commanding too and I sat up and nudged my sleeping husband and said “what do you want?” He sleepily grumbled what are you talking about. Insistent that my husband had called me and then realizing he had not— I knew that it was time to get up and pray. So into my “prayer room” where the computer sits by the window so I can see the sky and in the dark there– I said Lord was that you? So I prayed and prayed for and about everything I could think of from family, the ministry and Israel into the night watches.  The next morning I called my friend Shirley who is age 78 and is a true woman of intercession and the reading and teaching of the word of our Lord. She is my spiritual mentor . We prayed together for the Lord to give me the revelation of what I heard.  Two days later in the wee hours of the morning when I had gotten up to pray —it came precept upon precept. From scripture reading and prayer, it was quietly revealed to me ” My sheep know my voice.”  I know that sounds so simple but let me tell you, it meant the world to me to know the Creator of the Universe, Master of the stars , the One who was and is and is to come– would take the time to make sure I knew this.  There is deep reason as I felt it also meant He wanted to be sure to have me listening for the “assignment ” just for me in these last days.  We are all on assignment, something our Lord has just for us to do and to be busy about what gives Him the glory.
Then an explosion of prophetic events as foretold in His word are happening like  lightening  and it can be hard to keep up!
Events so precise in their connection to the shadows and patterns in His word from the foundation of the world– what a glorious time to be alive and see it all unfolding.This precision of events really hit home for me especially this week. June 1st is Jerusalem Day when the celebration of Israel capturing Jerusalem over 44 years ago is celebrated and remembered.  Is it a coincidence we have the 44th President who is going against the Most High God in pushing Israel in all ways ? On June 1st in 1981 my brother Doug was tragically killed in an accident which forever impacted my family. 
I will not forget the phone call receiving such news and being alone at home, no care with little Olivia age 18 months and no way to call her Dad who was in night classes.  My immediate need was to know if my brother was is in Heaven as I was not sure he was saved. This was a burning desire in me. So I prayed and prayed about it. Please Lord– I can accept this if you will tell me where Doug is. Two weeks later back from southern Indiana where all my family and all those who really knew him were, in the night I was woken up by the crying out of Olivia and uttered to God , oh please let her go back to sleep because I don’t want to think about this anymore.  Suddenly it was like going from a cold place to a warm place and I heard ” Do not let your heart be troubled, he is in a safer place than you can possibly imagine.”  This feeling seemed like a long time but was just seconds and I woke my husband to ask if he had heard the voice. He had not.  Do you see a pattern here?  So excited I called my parents to tell them, I knew where Doug was! My Dad took it all in with a catch in his voice, my mother said” Why would he tell you and not tell me?”   All I knew is that I heard His voice. It gave me perfect peace.   It is very thrilling to me now to know that my brother went to be with the Lord on a significant day in history.. June 1st.

Back then my little girl was learning about Jesus as it was in all our everyday conversation. She used to yell out the window when I would put her in her room for time out… ” Jesus help  me.”  She was learning to call on her Good Shepherd and learned well as tonight now a mother herself called to tell me a sweet story about Eila Grace our little granddaughter who is just age 3.  
Eila was praying tonight and asked Jesus to save all the people who don’t know Him. WOW– a child doing this with such pure faith , it brings tears to my eyes.  Seeing the Holy Spirit in this little girl is a rich and treasured blessing.  Her Mommy and Daddy read to her in the womb from the Bible.

          Eila Grace age 3

Psalm 139

 13For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.

 14I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

They are continuing this practice with Asher Benjamin now 16 months.

I pray this also continues with Lily new grandchild in her Mommy’s womb to be born to our son Reed and his wife Erica in about 2


Lily at 30 weeks

I  These days I feel deep in my spirit it is

our called duty as His sheep to do all

we can to call all those lost sheep that the Lord places in our paths to the Good Shepherd.   I know this is a great part of His last days assignment for me and I pray for the boldness to do it… after all He made sure I heard His voice. May I always be humbled to listen well..

Are we listening?  The clock is ticking…