Moutains to Molehills.. parables in the night seasons

Maybe some of you have been there. Sound asleep to awaken to a sense of foreboding.. the things that are on ones mind but jump to the front of the thought life and “right there” and to be dealt with.

It happened to me last night.  People that know me well understand I do my ” closet God time” at the 4th watch hours  like 3 AM or so. Yeah I know, it seems extreme but these have been the best of times to communicate with the maker of the stars.  My Jeremiah 33:3 time “ seek me and you will find me with all your heart“. Those times are bliss, the best.. hard to describe and likely the long ago echo from a childhood where getting up early on a dairy farm was the norm.

That is not what happened last night.. I woke up troubled and feeling well .. yes “afraid”.  So I got up feeling a momentary panic coming from very real serious ministry related issues.  These are not tiny ones either.
It was cold. For eastern, coastal North Carolina, very cold in fact.. 23 degrees. So here I come to seek the “parables to be learned in the night seasons”. Too big… to hard, inescapable but there.

So what to do… look out at the stars and remember the One who made them and softly comforted to remember He is there.

One of my heroes of faith is Irish born missionary, Amy Carmichael who  arrived in India at a tender age (late twenties )  to never leave.  She grew into life despite  India’s religious culture to  rescuing children; primarily young little girls destined for the sexual pleasure of Hindu Temple priests.  It did not make her popular not to mention the spiritual warfare.
Amy said once that the mountains at night become molehills by day.
I have loved  quote of hers, and clung to that thought as it has served me well time and time again.  Something else I hunger for from from Amy’s life experiences is what she learned to acquire. She developed the spiritual secret that caused her spirit to light up the place , to blaze bright in the midst of great calamity… that friends, other missionaries, churches  would misunderstand. The lonely result that a many would fail to support her work.

She even ended up having a bad fall that put her in bed to endure much suffering– the cup of His suffering , really.

Anyway how I see it .. her triumphs form an ordinary woman who came to lead an extraordinary life.

Through it all she held fast to what was inexplicable hope. She was ridiculed, put in danger, unjustly criticized and found a way as she put it to ” tuck into God” in the surrounding discouragement and dangers.  Through perserverance she shared her vision that became contagious and fortunately others joined in the support of child rescue. Amy gave her whole life to this calling. Amazing she was,  and her legacy remains in India to this day.

Me.. I am definitely hard pressed at times to separate myself from the ministry I founded and love . However, I have a family that blesses me each day.

Amy learned the art of leaning.. Oh how I want to get that in my deepest spirit for the indwelling and abiding faith and high hopes abiding.

That is my quest… to learn how to not leap to the mountains but focus on the molehills that come when I read His word and inhale His promises.

To listen for His voice and as in ” Isaiah 8:11 ” The Lord spoke to me, like a firm grasp of the hand.

Amy had a prayer for this that I find uplifting and hope it will bless and encourage you.

My Father, you welcome me into your presence– and that’ a wonder in itself. More than I can imagine. Then you invite me to lean against you…  and a bolt of self -reliance in me resists.
But I want to trust you. To relax the weight of my fears and anxieties against you. To rest, to know how fully trustworthy you are. Help me , Father.

I reach for your hand , feel your firm grip… and I lean my weight against you now.

So there you have it.. my plan for 2010 to be better at leaning. The night season parables then will soon be the sound of my heart rejoicing in the praise He is so worthy of.

Time to pray and then have some coffee and bring in the day…. my radio playing softly the local Christian radio station and all is well and He has me in the palm of His hand.


10 thoughts on “Moutains to Molehills.. parables in the night seasons

  1. Hi, Carla!!

    What a JOY that you have created this blog . . . just for you!

    And how blessed I have been reading both of your very
    special times with Him, in the still of the night, and of the
    life of that suffering saint, Amy Carmichael, who — like you —
    was called to rescue children but, unlike you, in India.

    What a great help you are to me, Carla. Your joy and trust
    in Him, your dedication to your calling, and your love for those ones He has entrusted to you . . . all come straight
    from heaven!

    So, I love you, my friend. And again, thank you for this site.
    I am bookmarking it now!

    In His Amazing Grace and Love,


  2. Oh thank you dear Sara LOL if I can only figure it out I want to add your CHHP to the blog roll.. need my son in law IT guy to help me out here. I appreciate your comments and your friendship too.


  3. Yeah, Carla!! You go. If this is what we have to look forward to as your typical fare, then I’m “all in”. Tremendous insights.

    One of my good friends and I were talking about precisely this just this morning: how the wee hours can both be some of the most terrifying but also the most fulfilling IF we lean on the One who made them (and us). Keep going!

    Grace and peace,
    – Art

  4. “Parables in the night seasons” is a lovely name for these times. They are uncertain times for most, but the apparent ease you find in the midst of them gives light and hope to so many of us.

    “…. I read His Word and inhale His promises.”

    What a beautiful picture: to consider how we were first given life: from His breath. We need to first breathe in His Word and then joyfully exhale: proclaiming these mighty promises to others.

    Thank you for giving us this picture, Carla, and I look forward to reading and being refreshed by more of your beautiful insights.

    God bless you,

    PS You’re right: Art’s a marvelous teacher!

    • Sue,
      Hello~ What a pleasure to hear from you.. as always you have the kindest way of putting things and I so appreciate your taking the time to drop a line. Many blessings to you. That blue moon was

  5. Amy’s quote about mountains and molehills is so true- I’m sure I must have heard you say that before, but for some reason, it really struck me this time around. Perhaps it is being up throughout the night with Asher and having time to think (and sometimes worry…). Thank you for sharing it!

  6. What a tender post, CJL. I, too am up early to read His word, talk to him, crawl into His lap and read about Him on various on-line blogs where He is glorified. I was awakened on Saturday in the middle of the night to pray. He has done this to me quite a few times, and I always wonder why He would need me to pray at a specific time, but I just do it and always fall quietly back to sleep. When I wake up for other reasons, I always have a terrible time getting back to sleep!


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